Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War of words between US and Europe over Doha trade talks

(Source Article:US hits back at EU over Doha collapse -

Susan Schwab, US trade representative, accused her European colleagues on Tuesday of spreading lies in order to pass the blame for the Doha trade talks collapse onto the US. This is the latest insult in a series of accusations that have been traded between the two regions.

While the US and Europe bicker, Africa suffers serious consequences as the result of the collapse; the continent is virtually condemned to a future of high tariffs and stymied competitiveness. Yesterday, WTO chief Pascal Lamy made an official announcement declaring the end of the talks. Officials in the African markets are entirely discouraged with Western countries, and are intending to now focus on the Asian markets for trade—particularly China. (see Africa is the loser as Doha trade talks fail -

Oxfam, an international charity organization, blamed both the US and Europe for their stubborn resistance to changing their offers, and does not see the trade situation in Africa improving for years to come as a result. Additionally, US Senator Max Baucus, D-Montana, suggested that the US also change its focus to dealing with Korea and other Asian markets. (see Doha trade talks collapse - Market Watch)

However, negotiators remain hopeful that some type of talks could resume in place of Doha after November’s mid-term elections for the US Congress; European officials believe the upcoming elections are the main reason the US has been inflexible in their negotiations.

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