Sunday, February 11, 2007

South African Businesses Generally Optimistic about 2010 World Cup

Firms Positive on 2010 World Cup

A recent survey suggests that about three-quarters of large and medium-sized businesses in South Africa expect to benefit financially from business generated in anticipation of the 2010 World Cup. However, only 14% expect to benefit during the World Cup itself, which provided a boost to the German economy in 2006. Prior to the last World Cup in summer 2006, German business owners reported a more optimistic business environment.

According to the survey, crime is a major concern for South African business owners, as 84% of those surveyed reported being the victim of a crime in the past year.

In preparation for the first World Cup held on African soil - 60% of the owners said they had looked at diversifying their product or service, while 53% were planning to hire more staff. The report found that in 46% of cases, firms were making additional investments into their businesses.

National chairman of Grant Thornton South Africa, Leonard Brehm, said that businesses needed to work in a safe, secure environment. "This can only be achieved through strong and sustained action by government security agencies at all levels, supported by a culture of community participation in assisting with the detection and control of crime," he said.

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Question: What can the South African government do to ensure that the 2010 World Cup provides South Africa with a financial boost?

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