Monday, March 19, 2007

UK and S Africa Working on Development and Climate Change

Source: Uk and South Africa agree to joint working on sustainable development and climate change -

The UK and South Africa have agreed to team up to tackle the issues of sustainable development and climate change.

The agreement is meant to strengthen bilateral ties on many development and environmental issues in addition to providing leadership on the issue of development in South Africa. One of the first initiatives provided for by the agreement will include a Foreign and Commonwealth Office funded water governance project, to be implemented by the England and Wales Environment Agency. This project will help to ensure that the poor and disadvantaged will have access to water resources.

Some of the main themes that will be addressed by the agreement are environmental enforcement, sustainable consumption and production, energy for sustainable development, the impact of and adaption to climate change, and longer-term global action on climate change.

This agreement represents the fifth in a series of partnerships that the UK has formed with developing countries to help ensure sustainable development. These other countries include China, Mexico, Brazil, and India.


How can other developed nations be encouraged to enter into agreements such as these?

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