Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wolfowitz Stays Strong Amid Controversy

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World Bank Divided on Wolfowitz's Future
World Bank Meeting—Policy board tries to stay focused despite Wolfowitz

During the past couple of weeks, those questioning U.S. President Bush’s decision to nominate Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank may have seen some of their fears realized. Controversy has surrounded Wolfowitz’s involvement in securing a nearly $200,000 per year job at the World Bank for a female with whom he is romantically involved. Wolfowitz admitted that mistakes were made in promoting his partner to her current position and he later apologized, asking for “some understanding” from the global community.

However, Wolfowitz has not received much understanding. His questionable actions have caused many World Bank staff members and advocacy groups to call for his resignation. Currently, the 24-member executive board holds the fate of World Bank’s tenth President, as they review the Wolfowitz’s role in his partner’s promotion and contemplate what, if any, remedies need to be taken. Amid the controversy and talks of his resignation, Wolfowitz has vowed to remain World Bank President and has denied all resignation reports.

Many fear that this turmoil will cast a fog over the World Bank’s anti-poverty goals, especially with the results from last weekend’s IMF/World Bank Spring Meeting being publicized this week.

Questions: Do you think the World Bank executive board will sanction Wolfowitz? Should they? Or, should Wolfowitz take it upon himself to resign?

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