Friday, November 30, 2007

Iran’s Nuclear Program Continues

Financial Times—EU Disappointed by Iran’s Uranium Refusal

The United Nations demanded Iran to stop its uranium enrichment program. However, Iran refused to stop. The United Nations expects that continued efforts are necessary to develop sanctions against nuclear development. Nevertheless, European Union members do not expect to see much movement from the Iranian government.

The European Union’s foreign policy chief is usually optimistic about progress. However, the Iranian enrichment program has caused much disappointment. Yet, a new resolution may still be possible. The UN Security Council and Germany will be meeting in the next week to negotiate another possible resolution on Iran.Several countries will be at the forefront in demanding these new sanctions from Iran, including the US, Germany, the UK, and France. Some countries have refused to be a part of the movement forward, such as China and Russia.Russia has been concerned about Iran’s nuclear weapons. However, China is most likely not as demanding as other countries because of their economic interests in Iran.

Iran believes that it has acquired a strong position on the issue. Most countries have become less and less interested in Iran’s position on the nuclear program. Iran’s nuclear negotiator stated that “only two or three countries” are following the United Nations sanctions method. Iran believes that the nuclear program ensures stability for the Middle East.


Should other Middle Eastern countries feel threatened by Iran’s nuclear program?

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