Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eastern European Population to Dramatically Decrease In Future

Source: BBC News, “Eastern European population to plummet”

A fall in the birth rate in Eastern European counties will likely cause population levels in former Communist countries to drop by 33% by 2050. The United Nations Commission for Europe believes the main factor in the decline is that less money means fewer children. On a related note, Eastern European countries have very low fertility rates compared to the rest of the world. The commission believes only a dramatic recovery can reverse the trend, which has marked the transition economies since the fall of Communism.

The report from the UN commission states the fall in the birth rate in eastern Europe mirrored the collapse of communism. Illustrating the problem, women in Western Europe have 1.6 children on average; but, women in Eastern Europe have 1.3 children on average. Many countries in Eastern Europe have even lower birth rates, Latvia and Bulgaria are an example.

Despite financial recoveries in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, the birth rate in Eastern Europe has continued to fall. The UN commission believes that lifestyle changes may be countering any positive effect of financial recoveries. In short, the UN believes governments should create financial and tax benefits for those with children.

Questions: (1) Do you think the concern about the decreasing population is justified? (2) What steps can be taken to remedy the problems of the potential decrease in population throughout the region?

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Anonymous said...

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1. Population: People would like to immigrate more to Europe(I know plenty who would but fear never getting married, being called ugly or just plain discrimination.) Also people of all colours already there will mate between each other. Braking down cultural barriers and understanding between the colours.

2. When a lot of intermating happens eventually the population will look like one colour. Even if Europe decides to bring immigrants in, if they are badly treated eventually the descendants of those people will start uprisings for years of harsh treatment and oppression. If Euorpe all looks like one colour they will not even know the true descendants not mention everyone will be happy. One way to start is by informing them were all equal human beings and that there is no such thing as race. The colour of your skin is just as controllable as a blonde, or brunette,red head? etc. Also media is a huge influence, instead of having all white couples on television how about for every white couple there is a mixed couple either between white or any of the other races.

There is no other humane way to solve the problem.