Friday, November 11, 2005

World Bank and Climate Change

World Bank Participates in New Climate Change Meetings
Announced November 1, 2005

This week, the World Bank's Vice President for Sustainable Development, Ian Johnson, announced that he would be attending meetings in the U.K. to discuss the interplay between climate change, energy sources, and sustainable development. Mr. Johnson suggested that a new comprehensive plan, including innovative technology, insurance schemes, and strategic partnerships, could "climate proof" high population areas.

This approach seems to recognize the link between environmental quality, large-scale natural disasters, and slow-approaching climate changes. The agenda items address preventive measures, like investigating new energy sources and making building requirements more stringent to withstand changing environmental conditions, and emergency planning to make areas more resilient following climate-related disasters.

Do you think this a step in the right direction? Or just another talk? In light of this year's hurricanes, tropical storms, and the tsunami, do these agenda items have a greater chance of becoming active programs?

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