Friday, January 27, 2006

European Commission simplifies External Cooperation Programmes

European Comision
Brussels, 25 January 2006

The Commission approved today 7 new thematic programmes in the framework of the reform of its External Actions. With the EU’s country and regional programmes, the new thematic programmes will form the backbone of the Commission’s external cooperation activities from 2007 onwards. The 7 new thematic programmes regroup the 15 current thematic programmes. The aim is to simplify the delivery of foreign assistance and achieve more and better results with the resources available. Thematic programmes are set up to achieve policy objectives that are not geographically limited and where the goal cannot be fully achieved through country and regional programmes. The decision is part of a larger reform of the Community’s external cooperation for the new financial period until 2013 under which the Commission will deliver foreign assistance more effectively and more efficiently, under a reduced number of budget lines. The financial allocations for the new thematic programmes await final agreement.

The programmes approved today include: the programme on Human Rights and Democracy, on “Investing in People”, on Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, including Energy, on Food Security, on Non-state actors in Development, on Migration and Asylum and on Cooperation with Industrialised Countries.

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