Friday, January 27, 2006

How civil society can help reduce poverty?

United Nations Development Programme

Civil society can play a key role in helping to close the gap between policy and practice when it comes to poverty reduction, according to a new study published by UNDP Serbia and Montenegro and the European Agency for Reconstruction.

Poverty Reduction in Serbia: The Role of Civil Society aims to strengthen the role of the third sector in poverty reduction, and through case studies demonstrate how civil society organizations can engage more assertively in poverty reduction initiatives.

"Through cooperation between all sectors of society, new development opportunities are created," argue the report authors. "…All actors can contribute to poverty reduction, especially the poor themselves, who should not be viewed merely as beneficiaries of aid, but rather as actors who have rights and opportunities and as people with potential that needs to be recognized and nurtured."

The product of cooperation between UNDP and the Civil Society Advisory Committee (CSAC), the report follows on the priorities and commitments laid out in the government's Poverty Reduction Strategy in Serbia.

The report "represents a timely reminder to all actors in society that coordinated efforts and cross-sector partnerships are needed to achieve greater quality of life for all members of society," said Rastislav Vrbensky, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.

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