Thursday, May 25, 2006

ADB’s VP of Sustainable Development Looks for Transport Changes in Asia

VP calls for new vision on transport - ADB website
Cleans cars, fuel needed in Asia - ADB website

VP Geert van der Linden recently cautioned that, without changes in Asia’s approach to transport, irreparable harm to the environment could result.

Asia’s current approach focuses on the development of roads and costly public transportation systems, while it’s suggested they should focus on more environmentally sustainable approaches such as walking and cycling or low-cost bus systems.

The VP gave his talk at a workshop organized in cooperation with the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) with support from the UK. The workshop brings together development partners from the public sector, NGOs and corporations to discuss ways in which the region can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The region accounts for more than one quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The VP said millions of lives will be put at risk if changes aren’t made, with “profound consequences for everyone, but especially the poor.”

Asia's vehicle fleet could mushroom by up to 10 times in size over the next few years, Nessim Ahmad, Director of ADB's Environment and Social Safeguards Division said.

Can the region continue its economic growth while implementing more environmentally sound modes of transportation?

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