Friday, May 26, 2006

Montenegro Votes for Independence from Serbia

Montenegro voters narrowly passed a referendum this week in favor of their independence from Serbia. The vote showed 55.5% of the voters in favor of seceding. That figure narrowly surpassed the 55% necessary for validation under European Union rules.

Boris Tadic, president of Serbia, recognized the will of the voters, although he “supported the preservation of a joint state.” The EU has also vowed to recognize the results of the referendum. International monitors characterized the vote as “genuine and transparent.”

Montenegro’s last period of independence lasted from 1878-1918. In 1918, it became incorporated in part of a conglomerate that later became to be known as Yugoslavia. Serbia-Montenegro was the last remaining union between former Yugoslav states.

Montenegro’s president, Milo Djukanovic, is hopeful that the two countries will enjoy a partner relationship in the future. He also desires that “Serbia [will] be the first to recognize independent Montenegro.”

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