Sunday, October 29, 2006

Climate-Proof Model of Development Needed in Africa

Climate change 'hitting Africa': Source -

A recent report, prepared by a coalition of UK aid agencies and environment groups, warns that climate change in Africa could pose a threat to the efforts to reduce poverty on the continent.

The report states that the continent has been experiencing new and dangerous extremes in climate. In the arid or semi-arid areas of northern, western, eastern and parts of southern Africa it is becoming drier. And, at the same time, other parts of Africa are getting wetter. The average rise in temperature across the continent is .5° Celsius, but the change in some areas is as great as 3.5° Celsius.

According to the report, climate change is an extraordinary threat to food supply. Tony Juniper, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said that if something isn’t soon done about global warming in Africa, people in the developing world will be condemning millions to hunger.
The report suggests a “climate-proof” model of development in addition to substantial cuts of emissions to avoid further and more dramatic change in the African climate.


Many believe that the climate change in Africa is mostly due to the emissions of other countries. What are some ways that African countires can further persuade these countries to reduce their emissions?

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