Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blair’s final package of laws

Source: Blair to unveil new law package - Reuters

Tony Blair, in an effort to save his legacy from the stains put on it by the war in Iraq, will soon announce a raft of bills that are presumed to focus on security and climate change; the new agenda will be announced in a speech to parliament by Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday.

More specifically, his plans will most likely focus on strengthening anti-terrorism powers, combating crime and illegal immigration and cutting down on greenhouse emissions in an ever-growing concern about global warming. Additionally, the laws will probably give some attention to state pensions and other retirement concerns.

Despite his efforts to appeal to conservationists and attract the green vote with his laws aimed at fighting the battle of global warming, some criticize Blair’s party for failing to support annual binding targets on carbon emissions.


- Politics aside, should global warming and its effects be an issue of central concern to continued development in both first and third world countries?

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