Wednesday, November 29, 2006

“Call of Nature” Business Opportunity in Nigeria

Source: Answering the call of nature in Lagos -

The continent of Africa is becoming a less risky place to do business. Because of this, many inhabitants of the continent have discovered business opportunities and have successfully taken advantage of them.

Isaac Durojaiye of Nigeria has found a way to benefit by providing public toilets. Nigeria has a population of over 130 million, but only had about 500 public toilets in the entire country when Durojaiye decided to start the business.

Durojaiye named this business Dignified Mobile Toilets. The business charges approximately 20 Nigerian naira per usage and each toilet gets about 100 uses per day. On average the business generates $15 a day in profit.

Dignified Mobile Toilets also charges for advertising on the toilets themselves. The business generates 25% of its revenue from this advertising. In addition, the company plans to implement a program of recycling the waste collected to generate bio-gas, electricity and fertilizer for farmers.


What other business opportunities may be available in Africa that may not have been available past due to the risky business environment of the continent?

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