Sunday, January 07, 2007

Free Secondary Education for Ugandan Students

Source: Free Schooling for Needy Ugandans -

In East Africa many secondary school students do not finish their education because of high school fees which they are unable to pay. However, the Ugandan minister of education has announced that the country will provide free secondary education to its students. Uganda will be the first East African country to do so.

Demand for free secondary schooling is expected to be high. Since the government implemented free primary education in 1997 such demand has increased by a large extent. It is estimated that 100,000 students will be enrolled in the program next month. Because of limited resources only poor, deserving students who perform well will be provided with a free secondary education.

The African Development Bank will provide a grant to fund the building of new education facilities and the Japanese government has promised to provide experienced teachers to help cope will the demand for secondary education that will be realized once the program begins.

How could the Ugandan government alter its program in order to provide a free secondary education to all students (not just those who perform well)?

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