Saturday, January 13, 2007

Germany changes stance on energy

Source: Berlin open to liberalising energy market -

There’s hope that, at a European summit in March, that EU countries can agree on making liberalizing changes to the region’s energy market. Such changes would include the creation of a powerful price regulator and the elimination of producer-controlled distribution networks.

Germany, once opposed to such changes, has recently said it will “not rule out any option” when it comes to the upcoming summit; Germany’s change of heart leaves France as the sole opposer to such changes.

Germany, currently holding the EU’s six-month presidency, is responsible for reaching a joint energy agreement between the EU’s member states. The changes would be implemented as a means to increasing competition in the energy market and relieving the market of the stranglehold that certain conglomerates—including France’s EdF and Germany’s RWE—currently have.


- Will such changes to energy policies serve to improve relations between EU member countries?

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