Friday, December 07, 2007

Chile Leads Region in Information-Technology Use

El Mercurio (Santiago) - Argentina desplaza a Chile en Celulares por Habitante

Chile is the most technologically-savvy country in Latin America, according to a new study released by that country's University of Navarra. In a survey of consumers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, it was Chile that had the largest number of internet users per capita as well as the most computer owners. Chileans also spent the most on information technology products each year.

However, Argentina displaced Chile as having the most cell-phone users per capita, with 977 per 1000 people compared to Chile's 828 per 1000 people. This is the result of Argentina's explosive 40% growth in cell phone usage within the past year alone.

Nevertheless, the study concluded that Chile was overall the most technologically-advanced of those countries surveyed. Chile has 360 internet users per 1000 people, and computer ownership increased to 263 per 1000 people. Chileans spend around $489 per capita annually on technology information products and services. This is in contrast to Mexicans, who spend a region-low $269 on comparable goods and services. However, even Chilean consumer spending pales in comparison to United States technological spending: $4,136 per person annually.

1. Does Chilean and Argentine consumer spending on technological items demonstrate a greater innate desire for these items, or is it merely a symptom of those countries' relatively high standard of living and economic success?

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