Sunday, December 23, 2007

China to Play a Greater Role as Donor at the World Bank

Source: World Bank works with Chinese on Africa; China to Play Greater Role in World Bank

On December 18, 2007, World Bank President Robert Zoellick visited Li Ruogu, the chairman of the Chinese Export-Import Bank to discuss the possibility of conducting joint development projects in the future. The visit also addressed international concerns about Chinese lending in Africa. China has distinguished itself from other donors by not attaching conditionalities to its loans; however, it has yet to provide guarantees of debt forgiveness, either.

Zoellick’s visit reflects the change in the World Bank’s approach to China. The Bank is now working to accommodate China as it transitions from recipient to donor country. As Zoellick noted at his meeting with Li, China has recently made donations to the International Development Association at the World Bank. The Bank is now seeking to recruit more Chinese staff.


Should the World Bank give China more voting power within the Bank as part of that country’s transition into a donor country? Why or why not?

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