Wednesday, December 19, 2007

U.N. Seeks to Reduce Burden on China and India to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sources: U.N. Focuses on Carbon Burden, U.N. Carbon Tax Advocacy Opens Old Wounds

A report by the U.N. Development Programme recommended that countries like China and India should not be required to carry the full or even equal burden in reducing carbon emissions in light of the fight against climate change. It suggested that these countries be required to reduce their emissions by 20% by 2050, while the industrialized countries, such as the U.S. aim for an 80% cut.

The White House announced that it would not sign onto any agreement that did not include China and other similar rapidly developing countries. Debates about the share of the burden of carbon emission reductions were a focal point of U.N. meetings on global warming in Bali, Indonesia. The report estimates that the world needs to spend 1.6% of gross domestic product every year until 2030 to keep carbon emissions below dangerous levels.


1) Do you think it is fair for the U.N. to recommend that industrialized countries shoulder most of the burden in the fight against global warming?

2) What might be some alternative solutions or compromises?

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